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❝ Artists and their work has always fascinated me.

From a few things emerge fantastic works of art.Painters for example, need only a piece of paper and a pen and conjure it into a powerful image that the viewer is not only for appearance but also triggers emotions and thought-provoking. 

So it is in photography - the art of camera and lighting.

The representation of a person, a moment, an object in different ways. 

Extraordinary presentations and natural images show that creativity is set no limits. Especially in this day and age where the digital image processing supports the creativity.

Creativity is a way to express your feelings, wishes, dreams and experience. When you look through your camera you can draw a picture with your heart. So every picture is something personality.

This diversity and (the almost) limitless creativity of photography has captivated me. ❞           

Verena Maria

The photoartist

Verena Maria is a self-taught photographer from Germany.

Her style is influenced by her dreamlands, fairytales and creative ideas. Mainly, the focus of her photographs based on individual and emotional portraits and fashion photography.

She loves to travel through the world, so that there are also wildlife, landscape and travel photographies in her portfolio. 

Verena Maria works with digital and analog cameras.

She is also modeling.


  • Photography art
  • Fashion and beauty editorials
  • Newcomer model coaching
  • Traveling documentation
  • Nature and animals


• Fashion Editorial

• Photos for blogger

• Singer/ actor shootings
Gwen Woll, Dortmund
Sabrina Ziegler, Berlin
Lioba, Berlin

• Fashion designer

abARTig by T. Neumann I Sarah Alf I Diana Karsiew I 
Wiebke Zeise
 I SchneeRot DesignI Vane Z Avenue by Vanessa Z. I Iron Roots by A. Beutner

• Photos on VOGUE.IT online

• Interviews
Pixxel-Blog 11/12
hierVORGESTELLT Blog 12/12 

• Featured
- "autumn couture" in Elleménts Magazine
- "marigold" in Guiseppina Magazine online
- "hawthorn" in Impostor Mag. online
- "fairytale" in EnVie Fashion Mag.
- "wonderland" in Nameless Rebellion Magazine
- "future" in 831 Magazine
- "pink leaves" in Aspira Magazine
- "bouganville" in Like a Lion Magazine

• Agency membership

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